by Gary Ritchie



15 Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy tracks of upbeat Power Poppin' FUN!
Timeless Melodies! Soaring Harmonies, Rockin' Guitars & pounding drums make this a FUN, Upbeat album. 60's-70's feel with a foot planted firmly in the NOW! Think...Badfinger, Kinks, Beatle-ish, Who, The Wonders!, Pezband.......


released May 27, 2016

Who does what?

Gary plays: Ludwig drums (all tracks), electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion and Vocals.
Jeff plays: bass guitar (all tracks), electric guitar, nylon string guitar.

Track notes;
1. Million Dollars - Jeff plays a great solo, Gary plays rhythm guitar.
2. Let's Pretend - Jeff plays 12 string riff, Gary plays 6 string riff.
3. Book Of Answers - Jeff plays a very cool solo, Gary plays acoustic.

4. Subtle as a Freight Train - Jeff on the solo, Gary plays electric gtr.
5. It's Not Automatic - Gary plays piano part and organ.
6. Perfect Girl - Jeff sings b.v. in the opening sequence.

7. The Orange Difference - Gary plays everything except bass (Jeff).
8. Friend Of Old - Gary plays organ, Jeff plays guitar solo.
9. Carol Says - Gary plays electric rhythm guitar, Jeff plays Ld. guitar.

10. Dial 9 - Gary plays everything except bass and guitar solo (Jeff).
11. Look Away Girl - Gary plays everything except bass (Jeff).
12. Long Live Love - Jeff plays bass, Gary plays everything else.

13. Lonely Out In Space - Gary plays electric rhythm, Jeff plays lead.
14. Real Good Feeling - Gary plays rhythm, Jeff plays the solo.
15. Only Hurt - Gary plays everything except bass (Jeff).


This record Rocks, Rumbles, Shocks and Humbles!!
GARY RITCHIE: Poptimistic (Fancy Two-Tone)
Ritchie returns with his Brill Building-influence rock, filled with jangly riffs that hit the pleasure centers repeatedly, beginning with “Million Dollars,” in which Ritchie goes braggin’ on the subway to a pretty girl. Although I don’t think “I drive an Austin Healey” is gonna cut it with today’s modern woman. The songs are filled with bright, jewel-like guitar riffs. “Subtle As A Freight Train” is funny, straight and true. That freight train really comes on during the guitar solo which seems to have migrated from a metal band. Can’t you just hear the Four Seasons singing “Perfect Girl?” “Friend of Old” hits you in the gut with a sense of loss. Not for the depressed. “Carol Says” is a Modulator-like rocker, while “Lonely” suggests the Elvis Brothers. This record rocks and rumbles, shocks and humbles.
Four and a half stars.

Not a Duff One In The Bunch!!
Spins and Reviews | June 28, 2016 | by ALAN HABER
Gary Ritchie - Pop·ti·mis·tic.
Texas popster, by way of the Windy City, returns with another master class in how to do it right as rain, sitting behind an authentic Ludwig drum kit and slinging guitars over his musical shoulders. Fifteen songs, and not a duff one in the bunch, including the Merseybeat-styled charmer “Let’s Pretend,” the echoes-of-Duane-Eddy-esque “Look Away Girl,” and the Roy Orbison-rooty mid-tempo ballad “Dial 9” (“for an outside line”). Worth, as the set kicker says, a Million Dollars.
Black box Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Book of Answers,” “Carol Says,” “Dial 9,” “It’s Not Automatic,” “Let’s Pretend,” “Long Live Love,” and “Look Away Girl.”

Pop-ti-mis-tic is an Upbeat Jolt Of Positive Pop!
Gary Ritchie - Pop-ti-mis-tic (CD, Fancy Two Tone, Pop)
More groovy and direct underground pop from Wimberley, Texas-based recording artist Gary Ritchie. This fellow writes classic underground guitar pop that harkens back to the 1970s and 1980s when underground guitar pop really sounded like underground guitar pop. We're not talking about sound quality here (these recordings sound great)...we're talking about recordings that only use the essentials in order to get the point across. Listening to this, most folks will probably get the feeling they've heard these songs before. They have that familiar overall sound that makes them very easy to digest. But make no mistake, all 15 tracks are Ritchie originals. Considering the commercial potential here, it seems amazing that--at least at this point in time--Ritchie has not yet scored a major smash hit. But things could suddenly change, as Pop-ti-mis-tic is an upbeat jolt of positive pop that's arrived just in time for a totally rockin' summer season. Cool cuts include "Million Dollars," "It's Not Automatic," "Carol Says," and "Real Good Feeling."


A cool interview with Adam Waltemire:
The INTERVIEW portion stars at around 28 minutes in. Good, fun stuff.



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Gary Ritchie Texas

Gary's "real" instrument would be drums. But, he is a full, fledged Pop guy. Plays most of the instruments & vocals on his albums. A former Chicagoan now living in Austin, Texas. Loves a melody with a Big-Beat behind it. With 4 full length solo cd's behind him, he's loving the freedom of recording what and when he wants. So enjoy! ... more

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